Saturday, 3 November 2012

The voice in Phoenix

Henrik Nor-Hansen (photo)

Henrik Nor-Hansen (photo)

There was a man drinking by the hotel pool. He had heard a voice that lured him out on a field in the back of the place. There wasn't anything out there. Just scrubs and windblown plastic.

He'd been walking half drunk through the dark, wearing sweatpants and flip-flops. Suddenly the voice told him to stop drinking. He thought it was odd.

Finally he eased back to the pool and had another drink. He then told me about the voice. I didn't know what to say. None of us were into chitchat and we parted after a while, without really saying anything.

Later I passed outside his room. He was sitting on the bed, watching TV. There was a huge explo- sion and he leant slowly forward in the orange gloom.