Monday, 17 August 2009

A blog for the masses

The blog passed 500 visitors this weekend. I was happy, until I realized that my own movements, my checking and double-checking, got counted as well. There’s hardly been any visitors at all.

It doesn’t take much surfing, in the world of blogs, to understand that the hottest issue is how to get the blog known on the web.

It seems like everything I have ever joined, or taken part in, has been (at least mentally) in this crusade for publicity. Even the chess club at school, the dingy racing, my short attempt at archery; they were all in a sort of vague crises.

When I published my first book, I really started to wonder about the silent reader. I believe the readers change every writer. Even if there are no readers.

Jean Baudrillard wrote In the shadow of the silent majorities: It’s time to call upon the ghost to make it reveal it's name. The web has made this book even more compelling. The masses exist and they exist not. Everywhere people are asked to step forward, to vote, to comment, to have their saying. But the masses are silent. The masses rule us in silence.

It’s the question a blogger shouldn’t ask: Am I writing this to myself? He really hopes for comments saying “Yes, you are”, more than no comments at all.