Monday, 17 May 2010

Back in San Francisco

We´re back in the Bay area, after two months boat work in Madera (a three hours drive up in Central Valley). The transport was arranged by the industrious Jean Mondeau.

He also showed us how to raise the mast with an additional rope and a tree. Me and Nina agreed upon all this on the notion that we never knew when it could be the only way to do it. The next time we may be depending on a palm tree in the Pacific.

It wasn´t easy to get pictures while we actually lifted the mast, since we were only three people, and we all had a crucial task in the process.

The tide forced us to launch Bika in the dark, American-style, with the heavy truck backing slowly down the sloop, like they do in the lakes all over the USA.

Anyway, I´m planning to continue the blog. There´re still some things to do, mainly some problems with the electronics. But Bika sure looks good. I´m going to post something at length about the boat work on our website. I´ll just end this little entry with some boat porn.