Friday, 27 August 2010

Go simple, go now

Last week we woke up to a strange silhuette. We couldn't figure out what kind of boat this was.

Later, as the sun rose above the San Francisco Bay, it seemed clear that it was some kind of super-yacht. In fact, it turned out that 'super-yacht' is a term of the past. It has been replaced with 'mega-yacht', and later 'giga-yacht', as this silhuette turned out to be.

Bika Contessa 26 giga-yacht AThe rich is getting richer, and the yachts are getting bigger. The silhuette was the giga-yacht "A", owned by the russian billionaire Andrey Melnichenko.

I know that we advocate the saying 'go simple, go now'. However, it's possible to go in other fashions too. And quite frankly: this enormous yacht was impressive. The design seemed modern and stylish in every way.

We just had to jog Bika over for some pictures. Of course, we could have invited the billionaires for tea, as the only two foreign boats in Sausalito at that time. But it seemed rather unlikely to come true.

Bika Contessa 26 giga-yacht A
Bika Contessa 26 giga-yacht A
People often behave like kids around the billionaires expensive toys. But then it wears out. I can feel it now, looking at these pictures. The fascination for the absurdly rich is also a travel back to our own lives. It's a good feeling. I'm looking more and more on our own little boat. The pocket-cruiser Bika. Isn't she a piece of art? And what's that ugly thing in the background?

Bika Contessa 26