Thursday, 14 July 2011

The humpbacks

We saw two humpbacks one evening. We'd just anchored off a beach. It was all in the open but flat calm.

It might have been a female and a calf. They both breached several times. But then the mother, or so it seemed, started to slap the dorsal fin. We could hear the fluke banging. Again and again. I thought gee, this looks pretty aggressive. And then they headed over to Bika.

photo: Henrik Nor-Hansen
Hanging on to the shrouds I suddenly remembered the night I got drunk on Grand Isle. I was just about ready to discuss anything. But the next day I heard I was just being opinionated.

The humpbacks circled our little boat. I was afraid they would snatch the anchor line, but they seemed totally in control. Nina used a cam recorder that strangely didn't record anything. No splashes, no nothing.

But the humpbacks rounded us like a buoy, all grace and beauty.