Wednesday, 8 July 2009

New York

photo: Henrik Nor-Hansen
When entering a new harbour it's sometimes hard to resists the embarrassing feeling of being an explorer. Especially after a long passage, when the excitement is combined with weariness.

New York has it's face towards the water, we got the splendour right in sight from our boat. To arrive by any other kind of transportation is like entering through the back door. It's a mythical city, even more so than the ancient cities in Africa, Asia and Europe. New York is the capital of modernity, and who knows if it's just started or just ended.

photo: Henrik Nor-Hansen
Sailing close to Manhattan the mighty skyline was like mountain cliffs in the morning mist; I had the uncontrollable feeling of discovery again, being here for the first time. I could see strange little creatures, walking and running along the seaside. Some kind of primitive people, I guess. Folks back home would never believe this.

But I also had the strange feeling of recognition. It was confusing. I was discovering something I already knew, through countless movies and pictures. It would take some digging to get pass this one.

photo: Henrik Nor-Hansen

Information is getting strange. I once did the mistake to go looking for an anchorage in Google Earth. I was sitting in a dead quiet library, checking out the bays from outer space, and suddenly felt really dismayed.