Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Enslaved in dreams

We were asked about houses versus boats when we returned to Norway this summer. I guess we all need a confirmation: are we doing the right thing?

There's a risk of sounding self-righteous, like two born-again Christians who never stops talking about their new way of life, but the gist of cruising is pretty simple. Space and comfort are exchanged with freedom and adventure. That's the main thing if you ever plan to do serious cruising in a small boat.

More interesting is the fact that the need for comfort wears off, and when you’re finally back in a hot shower, you’ll realize that you’re not getting any cleaner than from the bucket-bath offshore. When you’re clean you’re clean, it’s nothing more to it. You’ll properly miss the shower more after a long weekend of coastal cruising, than after a year in the tropics. And you’ll do the same adaption in all the comfort issues.

Henrik Nor-Hansen There are other aspects. The grid of modern life is getting more complicated, more abstract, and I’ll guarantee you this: four years of cruising will be enough to really make you wonder.