Monday, 7 September 2009

Flood water

I've been sifting through our pictures of fog. It turns out we had some kind of fog on Bistcho Lake, too. Although this was more a frost mist, created by the flood water (or overflow) on the ice.

During our eight months at Tapawingo we hardly had any wind at all. The snow stayed in the trees for weeks. In the morning we could see the chimney smoke gathering like a stratum in the tree tops.

I've been trying hard to avoid kitsch photography, but it's damn hard to resist when nature doesn't present itself in any other way. The beauty of Bistcho Lake is difficult to miss when taking pictures during the early morning or late evening.

The flood water was never fun, though. It often meant that we got stuck with the skidoo (snowmobile), and needed help from another skidoo to get loose. We always used two skidoos for this reason.

Often there was no telling if the snow concealed 30 centimetre of water. And it could be patches with flood water even though the ice was a meter thick.

I seemed particular prone for this misfortune. I drove deep into the flood water once I ventured out alone. The trick is to speed up, and try to drive straight through, but there was way too much water on this occasion. I could feel how the skidoo slowed down to a halt. The belt started spinning in the slush. My shoes got soaking wet, but I had to walk for about an hour in ÷30˚C, back to the cabin to get help from Nina, a skidoo and 100 meter of rope.